Michael Ray Burke

Michael R Burke

CEO, President of the Board & Janitor




Meet Michael Ray Burke, the driving force behind BurkeMedia Productions. Born and raised in the heart of Desert Hot Springs, Michael’s roots run deep in the Coachella Valley, and his commitment to this vibrant community shines through in his work.

Michael’s journey into the world of digital marketing and media production is a story of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Before founding BurkeMedia Productions, he honed his skills in the local television industry, where he worked at KESQ and KMIR. These experiences laid the foundation for his love of technology, creativity, and simplifying tasks through innovation.

From an early age, Michael was drawn to the possibilities of technology. He taught himself HTML and CSS as a hobby during middle school, setting the stage for a future marked by digital prowess. In high school, his fascination with video production and photography blossomed, leading to the creation of captivating visual content that would later become a hallmark of BurkeMedia Productions.

Michael is not only a tech enthusiast but also a natural leader. In high school, he excelled both on the sports field and in student leadership roles, culminating in his role as student body president during his senior year. As an adult, he continued to make a positive impact on the community by serving on Chamber of Commerce boards and stepping into the role of Desert Hot Springs Rotary Club President in 2014-2015.

Beyond his professional achievements and community involvement, Michael finds fulfillment in his role as a Children’s Church Teacher at Hosanna City Church in Cathedral City. His dedication to nurturing the growth and well-being of the next generation reflects his commitment to making a positive impact in every facet of his life.

In January 2023, Michael embarked on a new chapter of his life when he married the love of his life, Cariza Rivera-Burke, cementing a partnership that extends beyond both personal and professional realms. Together, they are proud parents to their son, Adam, who was born on January 11th, 2019, and they eagerly anticipate the arrival of another boy in February.

With Michael Ray Burke at the helm, BurkeMedia Productions is not just a digital marketing agency; it’s a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and community engagement. Join us in the journey to success, guided by Michael’s unwavering commitment to excellence.